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Special Edition

Lawns and the Summer 2012 Drought/Heat Crisis: Now What? | PDF

Establishing a Turf Area

Establishing Lawn Areas From Seed (AY-3-W)| PDF
Zoysiagrass for Indiana (AY-6-W) | PDF
Seeding a Turf Area in the Spring (AY-20-W) | PDF
Purchasing Quality Grass Seed for Your Lawn (AY-25-W) | PDF
Establishing a Lawn from Sod (AY-28-W) | PDF
A Guide to Establishing Seeded Zoysiagrass in the Transition Zone | HTML
A Guide to Establishing Seeded Bermudagrass in the Transition Zone | HTML

Maintaining a Home Lawn

Soil Testing for Lawns (AY-18-W) | PDF
Fertilizing Established Lawns (AY-22-W) | PDF

Facts About Phosphorus and Lawns (AY-334-W) | PDF

Weed Control

Control of Broadleaf Weeds in Homelawns (AY-9-W) | PDF
Control of Crabgrass in Homelawns (AY-10-W) | PDF
Identification and Control of Perennial Grassy Weeds (AY-11-W) | PDF
Yellow Nutsedge Control (AY-19-W) | PDF
ID and Control of Annual Bluegrass and Rough Bluegrass in Lawns (AY-41-W) | PDF

Turfgrass Weed Control for Professionals (TURF-100) | ORDER | UPDATES
Identifying Turfgrass Weeds - POSTER (TURF-101) | ORDER | SAMPLE
Sedge Control for Turf Professionals (AY-338-W) | PDF

Disease Control

Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Gray Snow Mold (BP-101-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Pink Snow Mold (BP-102-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Leaf Spot/Melting Out (BP-103-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Red Thread (BP-104-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Dollar Spot (BP-105-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Brown Patch (BP-106-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Gray Leaf Spot (BP-107-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Anthracnose (BP-108-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Pythium Blight (BP-109-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Rust Diseases (BP-110-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Powdery Mildew (BP-111-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Slime Molds (BP-112-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Fairy Ring (BP-113-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Take All Patch (BP-114-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Summer Patch (BP-115-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Necrotic Ring Spot  (BP-116-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Rhizoctonia Large Patch (BP-117-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Yellow Patch (BP-118-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Smut diseases (BP-119-W) | PDF
Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Turf Disease Identification (BP-124-W) | PDF
Seasonal Activity of Turfgrass Pathogens (BP-125-W) | PDF

Insect Control

Ants (E-22-W) | PDF
Chiggers and Their Control (E-34-W) | PDF
Turf Insect Management (E-61-W) | PDF
Japanese Beetles in the Urban Landscape (E-75-W) | PDF
New White Grub Pests of Indiana (E-259-W) | PDF
Managing Billbugs in Turfgrass (E-266-W) | PDF
Protecting Pollinators from Insecticide Applications in Turfgrass (E-267-W) | PDF
Moles (ADM-10-W) | PDF

Athletic Fields

Building and Maintaining Soccer Fields in Indiana (AY-31-W) | PDF
Bermudagrass for Southern Indiana Athletic Fields (AY-325-W) | PDF

Pesticide Information

Pesticides and Personal Safety (PPP-20)| PDF
Pesticides and Container Management (PPP-21) | PDF
Pesticides and Their Proper Storage (PPP-26) | PDF
Pesticides and Commercial Vehicle Maintenance (PPP-27) | PDF
Pesticides and Formulation Technology (PPP-31) | PDF
Pesticides and Personal Protective Equipment: Selection, Care, and Use (PPP-38) | PDF
Lawn Care Pesticides Application Equipment: A Guide to Selection and Calibration of Granular Spreaders (PPP-46) | PDF
Landscape Pesticide Application Equipment: A Guide to Selection and Calibration of Liquid Sprayers (PPP-47) | PDF
Pesticides and Fleet Vehicles: Transporting Pesticides Safely (PPP-58) | PDF
Offering Sound Pesticide Management Advise to the Public (PPP-62) | PDF
The Benefits of Pesticides: A Story Worth Telling (PPP-70) | PDF
The Role of Pesticides in Urban Integrated Pest Management (PPP-74) | PDF
Securing the Load: a Guide to Safe and Legal Ttransportation of Cargo and Equipment (PPP-75) | PDF
Poly Tanks for Farms and Businesses (PPP-77) | PDF
Calibrating the Hose Reel Lawn Care Sprayer (PPP-85) | PDF
The Impact of Water Quality on Pesticide Performance (PPP-86) | PDF
The Selection and Inspection of Hoses (PPP-89)| PDF
An Agricultural Retailer's Guide to Customer Care  (PPP-90) | PDF
Farm Truck Accidents: Considering Your Liability Management Options (PPP-91) | PDF
Keep the Trailer Connected to the Truck (PPP-92) | PDF
Fiberglass Tanks for Storage, Transport, and Application (PPP-93) | PDF
The Tractor Hitch Pin: A Critical Component in Keeping Control of Implements (PPP-94) | PDF
The Aftermath of a Farm Truck Crash: Lawsuits, Settlements, and Court Proceedings (PPP-95) | PDF
Measure Pesticides Carefully: Why Overlooking This Step Affects Results, Safety, and Your Bottom Line (PPP-96) | PDF
Calibrating Ride-on Pesticide Sprayers and Fertilizer Spreaders: Keys to Application Accuracy (PPP-104) | PDF
Steel Tanks For Storing and Transporting Pesticides and Fertilizers​ (PPP-105) | PDF
Adjuvants and the Power of the Spray Droplet (PPP-107) | PDF


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