List of Current Projects

Species and cultivar studies

2005 NTEP Kentucky bluegrass test - lawn height - non irrigated
2006 NTEP Tall fescue test – lawn height - non irrigated
2007 NTEP Zoysiagrass test - fairway height
2008 NTEP creeping bentgrass test – putting green
Low maintenance species and cultivars for golf course fairways
Evaluation of zoysiagrass experimental germplasm for use in the Midwest

Turfgrass nutrition and management studies

Evaluation of various nitrogen fertilizer products on lawn turf
Evaluation of various high and low phosphorus lawn fertilizers on cool-season lawn turf
Fertilizer and plant growth regulator programs for putting green turf
Wetting agent evaluations for sand-based root zones
Evaluation of various biostimulants products for summer bentgrass putting green quality
Varying the percentages of Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass in seed lots affects long-term Kentucky bluegrass cover Selective
      removal of perennial ryegrass from Kentucky bluegrass
Dreeping bentgrass cultivar response to light-weight rolling
Winter overseeding of bermudagrass with perenial ryegrass and turf type tall fescue using various seeding rates and timing
Evaluation of management practices to improve carbon sequesration

Weed biology and control

Postemergence broadleaf weed control (multiple trials)
Pre- and postemergence crabgrass control (multiple trials)
Non-selective control of dandelion, creeping bentgrass, white clover, or tall fescue (multiple studies)
Annual bluegrass seedhead suppression using plant growth regulators
Annual bluegrass suppression with Cutless and Legacy plant growth regulators
Poa annua control in green-height bentgrass (with Michigan State Univ., Univ. of Kentucky & Univ. of Nebraska)
Pre- and postemergence goosegrass control (multiple studies)
Controlling weeds with biopesticides
Understanding the influence of mowing practices on weed control
Postemergence weed control with granular herbicides
Annual bluegrass control research (multiple studies)

Disease biology and control

Evaluation of fungicides and application schedules for brown patch control
Evaluation of fungicides and application schedules for control of dollar spot on creeping bentgrass
Integrating fungicides and genetic resistance for control of dollar spot on creeping bentgrass
Evaluation of fungicide sensitivity in populations of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa
Evaluation of unconventional treatments for dollar spot control
Understanding factors that influence fungicide performance: application rates and intervals
Weather-based decision support for scheduling fungicides for brown patch control
Spring dead spot suppression in Patriot bermudagrass as affected by Nitrogen source or fungicide timing

Turfgrass physiology

Gene expression of perennial ryegrass under drought stress
Association mapping of genes and traits for drought tolerance in natural populations of perennial ryegrass
Physiological characteristics of cool-season turfgrasses to flooding stress 
Identification of Molecular maker for submergence tolerance of perennial ryegrass.

Insect biology and Management

Working towards novel endophytic turfgrasses that provide insect resistance while maintaining wildlife safety
Understanding trade-offs between growth and defense in endophytic tall fescue
Integrating fertility, endophyte-mediated resistance, and biological controls for turfgrass insect management
Studying white grub spatial biology to simplify scouting and develop alternative management programs (with Univ. of Wisconsin)
Determining the billbug species complex associated with turfgrass in Indiana and Ohio (with Ohio State Univ.)
Developing DNA-based tools to identify billbug larvae and study billbug seasonal ecology (with Univ. of Idaho and Ohio State Univ.)
Influence of cultural practices on the persistence of insect-parasitic nematodes
Assessing new chemical controls and usage strategies for insect management

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