Mowing Wet Grass

With the rainy weather lately, it is inevitable that you will have to mow when it is wet. Though we much prefer to mow when the grass is dry, it is better to mow when wet rather than waiting until the grass is dry but grown to 8 inches tall. A couple of pointers for mowing wet grass:

  1. 1. Sharpen the blade before mowing (like knives, a mower blade can never be too sharp)
    2. Set the mower as high as possible
    3. Remove mulching attachments in favor of side-discharge
    4. Mow so the grass is discharged onto the already mown area
    5. Mow as often as possible to break up the clumps from earlier mowings. “Double-mowing” or mowing twice in the same day dramatically helps to break up the clippings.
    6. In the worse case, bag the clippings and use as mulch or compost
Zac Reicher, Professor/Turfgrass Extension Specialist


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