Weed Control in Newly Seeded Bermudagrass

Bermudagrass seeded or sprigged into damaged areas will require weed control to maximize establishment. Most herbicides carry precautions on use in sprigged bermudagrass, but few carry recommendations on use in seeded bermudagrass because of the newness of seeded varieties. Following is a table of herbicide recommendations gleaned from the latest research on seeded bermudagrass. Herbicides are listed in approximate order of least phytotoxic to most phytotoxic on bermudagrass seedlings with their appropriate application timing. Only typical products labeled for use in Indiana and on established bermudagrass are listed in this version of the table. Refer to footnotes at end of table for more information as well as the most recent label for individual products.

Aaron Patton, Turfgrass Extension Specialist, University of Arkansas



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