Turf Tips

Spring Mowing Tips

Last week’s warm temperatures really made the grass green-up and begin growing which means many people are starting to think about seasonal mowing.

Probably one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is not starting to mow their lawns soon enough. Remember the mowing “rule of thumb”. For optimum turf health “try not to remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade during any one single mowing”. For example, this means that for a lawn being maintained at 3 inches you should not be removing more than 1.5 inches of leaf tissue or mow when the turf reaches 4.5 inches. Not mowing soon enough or mowing in excess of 4.5 inches will violate the “1/3 rule” and result in turf stress and could affect rooting or scalp the turf.



Other considerations:


Cale Bigelow, Associate Professor of Turfgrass Science

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