Turf Tips

Is it too late to seed? What should we do?

Recently, the question of whether or not it is too late to seed has been posed to me by many. The drought that we have experienced during our optimum seeding window has pushed back seeding dates for many. Now the question is do I seed now, do a dormant seed, or wait and seed in the spring. Here are some facts as well as my recommendations that might help you with that decision.

Seeding options/strategy

None of these options are as ideal as seeding in the optimum month of September, but this was not an ideal year for growing turfgrass. Below are three additional links to explore with more information on this topic. The first two links are to two Purdue publications on seedling lawns and the third is a link to a recent post by Dr. Zac Reicher in Nebraska that outlines some data he collected in Indiana on seeding dates.

Aaron Patton, Turfgrass Extension Specialist

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