Turf Tips

Late Drought Causing Problems and Questions for Many

Earlier this fall we made recommendations on how to recuperate lawns after a drought; however, rain has not returned and now we must further adjust our maintenance practices in unirrigated turf areas.

The map on the left shows the lack of rainfall in Indiana over the past 90 days. The majority of Indiana has received 4-8 inches less than normal rainfall amounts during the last 90 days. The map on the right shows that all of Indiana is currently under drought from abnormally to extremely drought.

Below are some strategies on how to cope with the current situation in unirrigated turf areas.


The recommendations below pertain to unirrigated areas. Irrigated areas can be managed as normal.

Should I still fertilize in late November or early December?

Should I apply a herbicide right now?

Should I seed right now?

Can I aerify lawns right now?


Dr. Aaron Patton, Turfgrass Extension Specialist

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