Annual - A plant that lives one year or less.

Basal Rosette - A cluster of basal leaves arranged in a circular form.

Biennial - A plant that lives for more than one year but less than two years.

Caudex - Thickened, woody, trunklike base of stem on certain perennials.

Internode - The portion of a stem between two successive nodes.

Node - A joint bearing a leaf.

Opposite - On both sides at the same level (leaf arrangement).

Petiole - The stem of a leaf.

Perennial - A plant persisting for several years.

Prostrate - Living flat on the ground.

Pubescent - Covered with short hairs.

Ray Flower - A flower that has the petals strap or tongue-shaped (in the family Compositae)

Sepal - The outer whorl of a flower.

Sessile - Without a stalk.

Spike - An inflorescence consisting of a central axis bearing sessile flowers.

Stamen - The pollen bearing organ of the flower.

Summer Annual - Germinate in the spring, grow during the summer, set seed and die in the fall.

Winter annual - Germinate in the fall, set seed and die late spring or summer.


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