Last updated 2/24/06
Yiwei Jiang

Assistant Professor/Turfgrass Physiology


Department of Agronomy
915 W. State Street
W. Lafayette, IN 47907-2054
Office Location: Lilly Hall of Life Sciences
Telephone: 765-494-0651
Fax: 765-496-2926

Turf Science Program Responsibilities

Teaching 25%
Research 75%


B.S. Inner Mongolia Agricultural University , China , 1989.
M.S. Shenyang Agricultural University , China , 1992.
Ph.D. Kansas State University , 2001.

Research Areas:

Research emphasis is on understanding physiological and molecular basis of environmental stress tolerance in turfgrass. Current research projects include:

Evaluation of waterlogging/low oxygen tolerance with emphasis on photosynthetic efficiency, antioxidant, and stress proteins. greenhouse bench
Mechanisms of drought tolerance with emphasis on water relations, plant hormone, and stress proteins. pots of grass
Physiological responses of turfgrass to excessive soil moisture with emphasis on root growth and metabolic activity. field plots

Drought stress management utilizing soil moisture and spectral reflectance.


Refereed journals:

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Book chapter:

Huang, B. and Y. Jiang. 2001. Physiological and biochemical responses of plants to drought and heat stress. In: M. Kang (ed.) Crop Improvement in 21st Century. The Haworth Press, Inc. Binghamton, NY pp. 279-306.

Popular paper:

Huang, B. and Y. Jiang. 2002. Irrigation management and heat tolerance. Golf Course Management. March: 49-52.

Awards and Honors:

Outstanding Graduate Presentation Award, 2nd place poster. C-5, Crop Science Society of America, 1999.


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